Pre-game Timeline

First Age

In the first age the gods created Asamon. They granted mankind many powers and knowledge that was lost over the ages. Very few artifcacts still exist from this age and they usually require the brightests of minds to activate. The few that are known to exist are owned by royals and private collectors for show of wealth if nothing more.

Second Age

The most notable members of the of the Second Age were known as the Heroes of Light, they banned together and saved the world from the folly of the gods. With the introduction of magic to the people of Asamon the great barrier that kept Asamon safe from Chaos the father of the god and Distroyer of Everything weakened. As they fought to fix the damages done by wild magic they found themselves as the center of the wrath of the Distroyer himself.

It was during this period that Gateway was founded by the Heroes of Light. To this day the city celebrates the Heroes Feast when the Heroes of light brought together the people of Gateway, feeding them and giving them a small feast to celebrate their recent success in freeing the village.

They traveled to other planes and discovered new magic to combat Chaos the city of Galdoria was bathed in light. After the battle was over the city of Galdoria was distroyed the people that were still alive worked together under Godrick Form, also referred to as the Human Emperor. He united his people under a banner of human unity, soon it became corrupted and an old magic found its way it to the hearts of man.

Third Age

With the fall of Chaos the third age began, this showed a life cycle in the world of Asamon. During this time the Human Empire flourished, though it became detached from its original noble purpose. The officials began to persecute other races because of their traditional roles in society. They began invading other nations and enslaving the people. During the early days a man known as The Lion started to fight back against the Empire of Man, telling others of their coming attacks and staging ambushes to preventing their advancements. Meanwhile another man who was hidden in shadows cut directly from the South charging directly into the heart of the Galdorian Empire. He left a trail of confused citizens, blood, and care packages to soldier’s families. He was known to travel with a Elf called the “Mage in the Pot,” a powerful mage that was trapped by his own magics in a common kitchen pot and only the blood of the Human Emperor could cure him. Just as quickly as they had appeared they seem to have disappeared, rumor was that the Emperor’s Secret Police silenced them forever.

The lion

The Emperor was eventually killed by the Lion who sneaked into the Emperor throne room after being inspired by the myth of the Swordsman and the Mage in the Pot. Once the Emperor was slain, the Demon Prince Shax broke into reality bringing with him a great flood of demon soldiers. Almost 20 years had passed before a group formed to take back their world, they learned of a plan the God of Magic devised to stop the magic in the world and separate it from the multiverse. Asamon would never have magic again but the people could live on.

So they went out and battled grimly to get the scraps of forgotten lore, 15 years of adventuring later and never resting the self titled “Heroes of Darkness” found one of the stones and the means to get to it. The four travel to the Spellstone and began inscribing it with runic markings, but they had only mortal comprehension of the stone which was not enough to know the folly of their actions. Once the ritual was complete the Spellstone was Rune Scribed and Genoff the Dark Mage started the incantations, but before Kuru, God of Magic, could stop him the spells spliced and sent a surge of magical energy through the world. It temporarily sealed the plane from the multiverse while the people raised up and fought back the demons around the world. The Spellstone fell from the sky and buried itself into the sea, soon the Maelstorm began along with the Fourth Cataclysm.

Fourth Age

This is the Fourth Age. Magic is on the rise again and the world of Asamon is in its death cycle. Positive energy caster who were once revered have now become cast out of society. This was due to public oppinion that the gods no longer cared for the people, that Death was the only God still known to the people and present. “Death will always be there,” this is a common way to say good bye to someone you care for. Death lets you know that you live, it give you value and through command of it power. True Necromancers are the only divine positive energy casters accepted by society as healers, for their great power over life and death they are granted positions of nobility and sometimes even royalty.

Galdoria was re-named Lucifer, the City of Darkness, after the Heroes of Darkness and the brightest start in the setting sky. In this age the Heroes of Darkness are revered and looked up to as true heroes, who showed that the gods are not needed to solve the problems of man. Man can become strong enough to save all those he cares about from the dangers that appose them to make a better future for tomorrow. As a whole there are more undead in the world during this period but laws govern their use as tools to aid the people. Should the ever become “free will” they are hunted and killed just like the rest. Man has become focused on become successful from his once hard work and dedication. Loyalty is greatly respected and crimes are justified with cause.

Our story begins in Lucifer, under rulership of Empress Lexandra…

Pre-game Timeline

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