Lucifer, the City of Darkness

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Lawful, Metropolis

Lucifer is the twin city to Vesper, named after the brightest star in the evening sky. Part of the reason for its title is because it is nestled in a box canyon at the foot of the of the Crest Mountain Range and as the suns set they go behind the mountains causing longer nights.


Lucifer is ruled by a True Necromancer by the name of Empress Lexandra Di’grasso, she maintains a counsel of advisers each with their own duties and agendas to keep the bigger picture in the rulership’s mind. Currently there are twelve seats on the counsel and its member fluctuate based upon those who are available that have reached the rank of True Necromancer.

While in Lucifer Pale Masters (the name for necromancers that have not become True Necromancers yet) are treated as nobility. Upon arriving in the city they are given an apartment in the Upper Quarter while they are ranked for potency and given a proper house and rights based upon their level of magical ability. All casters are treated as respectable members of society.


While Lucifer is a city know for its high level of Pale Masters and True Necromancers there are strict laws governing the use of undead.

  • Undead must be register at the Hell Knights Head Quarters in the Merchant District and given ID tags that are suspended from it’s necks. Also any undead who is not properly identified will be terminated by the guards as a “free will” undead.
  • Any citizen who wishes may attain the rank of Hunter by request from the Hell Knights Head Quarters, this will allow them to freely hunt any “free will” undead in the streets with the jurisdiction of a Hunter, any Pale Masters or True Necromancer caught misusing undead by a Hunter will be turned over to the Hell Knights for a reward based on the target’s rank.
  • Undead are meant to be tools to assist the living in creating a better life anyone caught misusing them will be severely punished.
  • Undead are meant for the jobs that no one wants to do, jobs of proper status will not be occupied by undead.
  • Should you or a Pale Master you know become sick contact the guards immediately so that if need be they can put down any “free will” undead their death may cause.


Lucifer is what became of Galdoria two cataclysms later…

Lucifer, the City of Darkness

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