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Just a note about game play. You are crunchy with delicious soft bits inside, please remember that. I will be using the standard rules on healing HP, normally when you rest I set you back to full, this allows me to through more “closer to your level” CR creatures at you. Make sure you read up on it the first time you rest I will remind everyone of what they heal. Also I intend to look at elements that are a bit different than a normal game, some DC will be plot. This also applies to your characters. Should you take the time to plot out an assassination and the book says the DC for the poison you used is relatively low (arsenic for example) and you RP getting the correct dosage for a person that weight and life style there is a chance that I will just let it happen the way you had hoped for (the guy drinks it and dies in his sleep that night with no suspicion on you for some time if any). Also if you do an attack that should kill someone (example arrow to the eye) if they don’t die right away don’t worry they are done fighting. For the most part this applies to things like if you take a hostage at knife point, instead of dealing damage to them and hoping your meager daggers damage I will allow you to simply slit their neck albeit as a full round action but you can do it.

Fair warning for a cleric player if we get one, if you spam channel and the party thinks you are too much of a risk because your killing them I will not stop them from killing you. The same goes for pretty much any character but this one tends to work people up quick so I use it as my example (like in Star Wars when I used Hatred as a interrogation tactic but I was killing everyone in the room).

I am open to player created traits, I have approved one already. They wont be any better than what is available in the normal traits selection and they must reflect some part of your backstory. Give me your idea and we can talk about it. Also all necromancer types (to include characters that are not wizards specialized, but work the necromancy angle) have to take the Birthmark trait, its called death’s mark and you were born with it. It shows that you were chosen to become a necromancer. More to come on all that stuff in the Lucifer, the City of Darkness section especially. I am crafting a dungeon right now so please make sure to submit your character ideas on the forum, I don’t need anything concrete but kind of a general idea/ideas of what you are considering.

hugs and dynamite

From the DM with Love

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