Character Generation and Books


Starting level is 1. Using the Ultimate Combat variant rules for Armor as DR and Wounds/Vigor.

Roll 5d6 for Ability Scores, re-roll 1’s and drop the two lowest die. This will make you strong which is the idea. Life is cheap in this world and only the strong survive. We will be using the Wounds/Vigor optional rule in Ultimate Combat. Vigor for the first three levels will be max, after that take a result of half the die if you roll less than half (d6 gets 3, d8 gets 4, d10 gets 5, d12 gets 6.)

You must have a profession, craft, perform, or knowledge to explain your background. If you want to get real in depth with it you can have more than one that reflect the skills you would need. Example: Regret the Grain Merchant has Profession: Merchant and supporting skill ranks in Appraise, Bluff, Craft: Rice Wine(that was for flavor), Perception, Sense Motive. All things that could help with his profession. To show this “zero level” character experience you will receive 6 + Int modifier skill ranks for free to use for background skills if you provide me with a character background. Effectively you all have a “zero level” in expert, just no save bonus.


Ignore it, play your character the way you want to pay do not put emphasis on alignment. If you use a spell that judges alignment I will (as the source of the spell) tell you what you feel. So if you are a vampire slaying machine and you come across a vampire paladin and he detects evil, you my friend are evil cause you want to kill his people. Which means he can smite you regardless of what your paper says. This also applies to you as the player, keep that in mind, that means vampire slaying machine can turn around and smite him based on he is a vampire and eats mortals for breakfast and enslaves them when he is bored.

I like the idea of having Allegiance instead of Alignment as explained in D20 Modern., this in effect makes every one “lawful” if you look at it as its most basic element. But when you actually take it in and think about it a soldier’s allegiance is to the nation he serves under, however if he decided that the higher ups are to concerned with politics and not enough with saving men behind enemy lines I would say that he is CG. Again spells in this world are different, if you make a paladin and scream that undead are evil and nercomancers are scum the rest of the people will turn you in for heresy and other evil actions. In this game remember we are re-thinking the rules.


You have access to the Core Rule Book, Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, Adventurer’s Armory and anything that has been approved in the Kingdoms of Death Obsidian Portal Campaign Wiki. Anything beyond that has to be requested from the GM, this includes the regional, racial, and Inner Sea Primer books. I am pretty open but I need to know where you are going with your character taking stuff from there.

Restrictions See restricted spells.


While most all classes are open based upon the skewed view of alignment I have set forth, some I think stand out more since this would be a great time to try something that normally doesn’t work well in a “life and healing are good/necromancy and slaves bad” game.

My suggestions:

  • Barbarian: Soul Totem would play well in a world where souls and undead are present also Superstitious ones would be excellent so long as you don’t straight out attack your party member, remember your a team.
  • Bard: Arcane Duelist, Archivist, Demagogue, Dirge Bard, Song Healer (they are misunderstood but not “evil”)
  • Cleric: Negative Energy, Positive if you intend to become a True Necromancer(must start as a arcane necromancer first, with a GM sidebar), Undead Lord
  • Druid: Blight, Urban, Dragon Shaman (Dragons are in the world this time around), Reincarnated Druid (that would have to be kept as a personal secret since you would be considered an anathema)
  • Fighter: Its a fighter, lets face it they are cool…
  • Monk: Hungry Ghost, other than that see fighter…
  • Paladin: Oathbound, Undead Scourge (Paladins that specialize in slaying of the undead are like cops, they clean up the messes from Necromancers that go evil and “Free Will Undead”)
  • Ranger: Favored Enemy Undead (same as Paladin reasons), Spirit, Urban
  • Rogue: Sure you sneak attack doesn’t work on the undead, so focus on the Necromancer in charge… Investigator, Rake, Sniper, Thug
  • Sorcerer: Any bloodline from the approved books, anything extra ask me and I will take a look. The archtypes are approved as well. Keep in mind the penalties with each though.
  • Wizard: Pretty much the same as Sorcerer, Nercomancy is big… True Name discovery must be earned in game.
  • Alchemist: Reanimator is the biggest, again all in the approved list are allowed
  • Cavalier: see Ultimate Combat for more Orders
  • Inquisitor: Any, I love this class though because of the RP Value, a Sin-eater could work well in this campaign both good or evil versions. Though the good version would be more accepted.
  • Oracle: Bones, but any really Stargazer is great for RP
  • Summoner: This class has fallen to the wayside in society as the undead are easier to control and last longer than most summons. Its playable but you will be extremely rare.
  • Witch: You can be a Healer, again like the bard your misunderstood though, in someplace there are witch hunts. Gravewalker
  • Magus: Same as the Sorcerer, its all good.
  • Samurai: Near non-existent. I wont stop you but I will tell you that you will be the only one on the main continent. The people of your lands have raised their cities into the air because they cannot touch dead things as a society and they believe that the undead are a curse from the gods that they must live through. They do not fight it only separate themselves until the gods come down and reform the world into a fitting place for those who faithfully waited for them in the floating cities. Only option is to be a Ronin.
  • Gunslinger: Gunslingers have become things of legends and tall tales. They are rarely found in the world and even less often are they found shooting their guns. Gunpowder is scarce and in a world were magic is big they have a hard time contending.

I am not going to put every prestige class on here, if its in the approved books its fair game. Anything else ask, most of them are fine by me. Hell Knights are pretty common in the city of Lucifer, Bloatmages about the same but in Vesper, and all of the famous people with Pathfinder Chronicler, Pathfinder Delver, Pathfinder Savant are generally from Gateway or so their legends say.

Restricted Spells

They exist in the world just not as something you can take or use without RP and GM say so…
Wish (and I think we all know why…) and any of it’s other names
Resurrection and True Resurrection
True Name Magic
Planes Crafting

You can have “good/cure” spells but remember positive energy healers are the equivalent to necromancers in normal game settings.


Dwarf Elf Gnome Half-Elf Half-Orc Halfling Human
Aasimar Dhampir Goblin Grippli Hobgoblin Ifrit Oread
Suli Sylph Tengu Tiefling Undine

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Character Generation and Books

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