Stitched Flesh Familar


When you are ready and able to acquire a new familiar, you may choose to gain a stitched flesh familiar.

Prerequisite: Ability to acquire a new familiar, ability to cast three or more necromancy spells

Benefit: When choosing a familiar, you may choose a stitched flesh familiar. A stitched flesh familiar appears similar to any of the standard familiars available in the Player’s Handbook, except that the stitched flesh familiar is obviously sewn together from many different creatures of that kind and, to a practiced eye, is clearly an undead creature. A stitched flesh familiar is magically linked to its master in the same way as a normal familiar. A stitched flesh familiar uses the basic statistics for a creature of its kind, as given in the Monster Manual, except as noted below.

Add the zombie template to your familiar. Stitched flesh familiars do not grant their masters any of the benefits that appear on the first table in that sidebar. Instead of the noted special ability, a stitched flesh familiar grants its master the ability to control 4 more Hit Dice of undead than he is normally capable of controlling.

Rulebook: Libris Mortis (p. 30) based, DM Pathfindered

Edition: Supplementals (3.5)

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Stitched Flesh Familar

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