Reggio Calistriano

Chaotic, Metropolis

Reggio Calistriano is the free city on the north side of the southern continent from Lucifer. The continent is called Ethannon and is well known for its hardy people and vast amounts of wild lands.



Map Key

W9 – DeLaude Family Villa
W5 – Calistria’s Dais (Temple of Calistria)
W8 – Siren’s Call (Calistria’s Whorehouse)
K1 – DeLaude Family Winery
K4 – Court House/Government Building
Castle Tarakaian – Castle Tarakaian (Prison)
K3 – War’s Battle Field (Arena)
W1 – Guard House
A3 – Nardiello House
P1 – Masters Estate
(A1) Building 18 – DeLaude Family Warehouse and Shipping Dock
(O1) Building 5 – The Angry Wife
W4 – The Stuffed Cannoli
A5 – Bertolli House
(C7) Building 54 – Dovetail Ranch
(W6) Building 18 – Philippe’s Spa


Reggio Calistriano

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