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Dagamoore is the ancient home of the Dwarven people. They shut themselves away during the return of Chaos at the end of the Second Age. Since then they have live in the darkness of their underground empire.


The city is ruled by [[:thane-torack-glanrid | Thane Torack Glanrid], the 43rd Thane of all Dwarven People, and a council of Dwarven Elite Guard. The City is split into two major factions, the Hammers and the Axes, and a minor faction called the Guns. The Hammers focus on solving the Empires problems by looking inward and seek self-improvement by protecting those around them. The Axes believe that it is best to expand the Empire through aggressive actions and wars with other subterranean races. Each faction acknowledges the strength of the other and values their part in keeping the Dwarven Empire as it has been for centuries. The newest faction is the Guns, they believe that It was time that Dagamoore open its great door again and that Dwarfs should rejoin the world they turned their backs on. Their view is some what unpopular but has recently grown with the younger generation, some looking for adventure while others look for better business their reasons for joining the Guns is varied. They have grown in such numbers that they now seek appointment to the Dwarven Elite Guard for representation.


Dagamoore follows the general laws of the land and hold one law above all else. No Dwarf is go to the surface, though should a person from the surface enter the Empire they are to be treated with respect as they will tell of what they have seen when they return to their homeland. For a faction to gain representation withing the Dwarven Elite Guard they must have four clans swear allegiance to the faction and have a Representative from each house to serve as that clan’s champion.



  • Glanrid


  • Rotbeard
  • Arlode
  • Bardar
  • Orak


  • Boflode
  • Jarbek
  • Nalnore
  • Whurack


  • Angak
  • Barduum
  • Azdukr


  • Glorral


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