Regret The Grain Merchant


Race: Human
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 180
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Skin White
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Homeland: Lucifer
Caste: Merchant (Elite)
Residence: Upper Quarter
Deity: Unknown
Known friends: Adin, Marcus


“My name is Regret, an odd name but then again all my brothers and sisters had very odd names. My mother named the us in order as: David(23, male twin), Samantha(23, female twin), Accident(21, female), Pain(20, male), Loathing(dead), Regret(16, male twin), Shame(16, female twin), Tom(6, male), Dick(5, male), and Harry(2, male). Oh I forgot to mention, my mother was a whore, by profession, thus why the last three where named Tom, Dick, and Harry. She thought it was hilarious, kind of a tribute to her profession. I guess I am one of the lucky ones though, after my mother smothered Loathing she must have felt bad for me and my sister cause she really tried to take care of us. When she finally admitted that she could no longer she ask a man who was selling grain in the market to take her unwanted sons(Pain and I) to the monistary to learn to be temple monks. The man smiled and said he wouldn’t mind and took us away. We each learned to hone our skills, Pain took a new name as Brother Emus and became quite the gardener. I learned how to cook and became skilled in sword play, favoring the temple sword.

When I turned twelve I returned home to find my mother married a drunk and was still hard at work. My sisters was also working in the house. Samantha as a call girl, and Shame as a tea girl for now, soon enough she was going to be old enough that some interest would arise from her. My mother also had Tom by then and was pregnant with Dick. She seemed to have found atleast some stablility in the poverty that they managed to afford with their combined income. David left some time ago and I have not heard from him since I left with the old monk. I returned to the monistary to finish my training after that summer and havent returned since. Too much has stayed the same for me to like it, when I returned to the temple I was asked if I want to to change my name to a temple name like my brother had. I told them ‘No, I was once my mother’s regret, now she and my family are mine. I regret I can do nothing to help them and I shall bear that regret forever.’

I am now sixteen and my training is complete, I leave my story here for those that come after me. My name is Regret."

From the Book of the Accomplished

(They dont have last names since their fathers are unknown. Tom, Dick, and Harry do have the last name of the named drunk, Issiac Clovers. His mother’s name is Cynthia “Camile” Stone.)

Regret The Grain Merchant

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