Matteo Russo

Lucio's best friend


Race: Human
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 145
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Skin: Olive
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Homeland: Reggio Calistriano
Caste: Lower Class
Residence: (wherever chris wants to put it.)
Deity: Cayden Cailean
Known friends: Bartender at the Stuffed Cannolli, Lucio DeLaude
Known enemies: No one really


Matteo and Lucio grew up together. Lucio has always picked fights with people and Matteo either tends to butt in and stop the fights because Lucio was always fighting a lot of people at once. Eventually he saw that no matter how many people he fought, Lucio came out alive at the very least. So he kinda resigned himself to watching Lucio’s back because Lucio would help him out of any trouble Matteo get’s in.

Matteo Russo

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