Race: Human
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 160
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Skin White
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Homeland: Lucifer
Caste: Noble, Royal Assasin
Residence: Upper Quarter
Deity: Unknown
Known friends: Adin, Regret The Grain Merchant


Ezio in armor of atlair   copy
Marcus, the great-grandson of Leonidas and leader of the Royal Assassatorium. He had fallen from his family’s grace when he showed little talent in matters of war. His quick wit and deductions skills however did get him some notice from Lexandra Di’grasso, the current Empress of Lucifer, the City of Darkness. Just before taking the throne she requested an audience with him and asked him to create a secrete society who would remain loyal to the crown, even if that meant opposing it in dire times. It would become his duty to carry out and train them. Because of her time in the Great Library she was aware of the many acts that Marcus had committed in his past that made him even more loyal, but less known for than even his great-grandfather. He accepted her offer and was granted a larger house in the Upper Quarter. He soon began to remodel the house so that is would serve as a training ground for new Royal Assassins.

Marcus reached out to his old contacts in the Assassins Guild and looked for takers in his new line of work, his first student and long time friend was Adin. Through Adin he met another, Regret The Grain Merchant, and together they began to collect the most loyal of the citizens and train them in aspects of their trade. Some acting as spies, others as thugs, and only a few as assassins. He trained each member to view the Assassatorium as their true family, and that one was loyal to the crown for the good of the people not to the ruler.

Marcus had learned of the old Order of the Crown, a cult group of assassins based on the same ideals they spoke that became fanatically attached to the man that was once called The Human Emperor. The legends speak of strange powers beyond his understanding, they could kill with a though. He first thought this to mean that each was a master assassin, but upon further reading he has since began to question it, could these men really kill with only a thought? Marcus library has grown in his research and he currently holds the largest known collection of Assassin scripts in Asamon.


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