Lexandra Di'grasso

Empress of Lucifer


Race: Human
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 145
Hair: Red
Eyes: Black
Skin White
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Homeland: Lucifer
Caste: Noble, Empress of Lucifer, True Necromancer (Elite)
Residence: The Royal Palace
Deity: Unknown
Known friends: The Great Librarian

Necromancer by xiwik


Empress Lexandra Di’grasso is the trues of rags to riches stories. She was thought to be a still born and thrown into the streets by a doctor. She was then take in by a homeless man and raised on the streets. She was a quick learner and would peek into the schools while other students went to special classes for the prestigious families of Pale Masters. Overtime she learned the most basics of arcane talent and contracted her service to a man named The Great Librarian who was searching for a way to revive his lost friend and grandson. During her time with him she was allowed to help with the research to find a way to resurrect the man who was lost with no luck but she had grown with this knowledge and with the advisement of the little old Aasimar. When they had completed the research within his personal library he told her the secret to his library, that it was in a place where time itself could not touch that she had never actually left from when she stepping through the portal into the Anvil of Time. He said that it was for the preservation of the books, in a place where time has no value the books, his only friends left could keep him company until he found Steve again. She felt sorry for him as he appeared to be cursed to live forever, but she would never let him know because he made it very clear to her that he was not so old that he couldn’t “burn down a forest around the druids still!” She never really understood the referance, but she liked when he said it because he always had a listful look in his eyes of simpler times. He also told he that after all the research something did not add up right in the way his grandson had died, he was certian that he still lived but where was the question as the man had no talent for planar travel.

When she returned she had a lifetime of experience and learning inside of her 8 year old body. She quickly rose to power and was coronated as the Empress at the age of 10. Since she has shown to be a fair and kind leader. She does what she can to improve the lives of the people as a whole. Establishing laws to make jobs available to the living again by forcing nobles to only use their undead for menial tasks and less desired jobs. Soon Lucifer flourished and became a cultural mecca for Pale Masters and adventures a like. She is also one of the few Imperial members who people did not openly plot about overthrowing her for the power and title.

Lexandra has recently signed a treaty with the Council of Gateway for an alliance and secured trade for the betterment of all people.

Lexandra Di'grasso

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