"Greybeard" Werdak Glorral

Master Gunsmith, Oldest and Wisest of all Smiths, Head of the Glorral Clan


Race: Dwarf
Height: 4’5"
Weight: 196
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Green
Skin: White
Sex: Male
Age: 348
Homeland: Dagamoore
Caste: Master Smith, Head of the Glorral Clan
Faction: Unknown
Residence: Glorral Clan Hall
Deity: Unknown
Known friends: Elite Guard, Bazthic Rotbeard
Known Enemies: Unknown


Werdak Glorral – Meaning:
Wer (-Wera) = Battle/War
dak = Mine/Miner
Glor (-Glori) = Silver/Glitter/Glittering
ral = Birthplace

Nicknamed Greybeard because of his age, a title that he holds proudly as the oldest Dwarf in the Kingdom.

"Greybeard" Werdak Glorral

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