Felicia Anna Nardiello

Matron of the Siren's Call/Isabela's Mentor


Race: Human
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 135
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Skin: Olive-toned
Sex: Female
Age: 28
Homeland: Reggio Calistriano
Caste: Ecclesiarch
Residence: Calistria’s Dais/Siren’s Call (See map: W5, Scarlet Street – Calistria’s Dais/W8, Magister’s Street – Siren’s Call)
Deity: Calistria
Known friends: Isabela Rose DeLaudé, Vincenzo DeLaudé
Known enemies: Only those who envy her position


The lovely Matron of the Siren’s Call has been serving as the den mother to the young women there for the past six years. Protective of all the girls, having lived in their shoes herself, she takes her duties very seriously. Each day she looks each and every one of them over for bruises or any other markings of the like. She also schedules a healer to come examine her girls every two weeks, ensuring their continued health and well-being. Any of those who dare to mistreat any of the young women under her charge will pay dearly, quickly learning her personal motto: “Revenge is a dish best served behind closed doors and a charming smile.”

Since accepting the role of Matron, Felicia has refused all clientele. A fact that she will not admit to anyone, she has been in love with Vincenzo DeLaudé since they were children. With him being two years her senior, she always looked up to him. Vinny would often explore the islands surrounding his family’s home, his wanderlust manifesting at a young age. When Vinny finally made his way to her neighborhood, Felicia fell hard and fell fast. (In the way that only young girls can.) Her heartbreak at his obliviousness to her affections along with his frequent disappearances, (to test new dungeon ideas for the Masters family) made her cynical about love. Yet even with all her hurt, she has not been able extinguish the feelings that have grown in her heart for as long as she can remember and part of her always waits for his next return.

The last time Vinny was home in between his adventures, she gave him a gift that she’d saved over two years to afford. She had a set of custom gauntlets commissioned by the best smith in the city. Made from red star metal, the gauntlets are indestructible. Detailed with gold, a seal of Calistria’s protection adorns the center outside area of each gauntlet as well as a gold trim that is comprised of intricate grapevines. She wanted them to be practical, provide him with protection and enable to him to keep a piece of his home with him at all times. She tried to downplay the significance of the gift, giving them to him just before he left the last time, nearly one year ago. She refused to tell him the cost of the gauntlets, saying fairly cryptically, “These? They’re merely a token of our friendship.”

On a selfish note, when she realized Isabela Rose DeLaudé was joining the service of Calistria at the Siren’s Call, she made it a point to take her under her wing. Hoping that she will earn Vinny’s gratitude for looking out for his younger sister, she dedicates more time to Isabela than any of the other girls at the cat house. Over time, however she has grown to genuinely care for the girl and often surreptitiously gathers information on Vinny and his whereabouts through Isabela.

Felicia Anna Nardiello

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