Kingdoms in Death

Letters from Marcus, Festival of the Night

105upg1Tonight was the Festival of the Night, I was invited to attend a small VIP gathering at the Prancing Penguin with some of the newer noble houses. I brought Adin along under the guise of my servant with the task to search out people whose skills would assist him in his upcomming mission to clear out the life cult known as the Life Consortium. During which time I observed his skills, it is hard for him still to find people he can trust but I can see his interactions with Regret the Grain Merchant have paid off. He is becoming more social, even if a bit straight forward. His first recruit for the mission ahead was a large foreigner named Rory, a cartographer by profession but a well seasoned man of adventure. Later he found a mage working as a common bar wench named Astrid. She displayed a strong will and an even stronger desire to earn a living since her most recent actions had cost her the wench position at the bar. Lastly he recruited Ezra Dree and Ravyn Bathory, the first a new True Necromancer or so they seem to think and the latter his Necromonger teacher. While at first I assumed this merely to be a mild enjoyment on Adin’s part, but I began to see the wisdom of bringing a soon to be leader into the very heart of corruption posed by the life cults. The group will meet in the morrow and set off to the Necropolis. Soon we shale see the end of another cult, then maybe I can feel like I have made some peace for the actions I have taken and the lives I have sent to early graves.


Highly enjoy this recapping.


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