Kingdoms in Death

Generic Overview!

Video call snapshot 2So since I have been lazy on updating OP, here is the nitty gritty since the last entry. This is not in character and from the GM directly. Everyone had woken up from being put to sleep by Mocking Life. While everyone was asleep Mocking Life used them to burn parts of the city. The party was captured and brought before Lexandra Di’grasso for a hearing and shortly their execution. She had informed them that they had been gone for a month and were witnessed destroying the city. Ezra Dree’s own family spoke as witness’ against them. They told their side of the story and now believe they may have been resurrected and doomed to the Maelstorm. The Empress’ Priests were unable to confirm if they in fact were resurrected, so they would have to set of to Dagamoore to find the Temple of Pharasma and the Head Priestess. They planned their escape from the city with the aid of the Empress and Marcus who they thought had been executed as a traitor to the crown. Adin with the help of the Royal Assassatorium set fires in the city and personally killed a corrupt Council Member, Count Hugo. Adin found out that it was all the plot of Count Von Stuben to eliminate the Empress and have the Council take over control of the city. Before leaving Adin found Regret The Grain Merchant and shared his knowledge of the plot against the Empress. Regret gave Adin a map writen in his native tongue to the temple he trained at as a child should he need a safe place to hide out for a while. Adin also learned that his brother had been reported as in Dagamoore for reasons unknown. Adin then meet the rest of the part in a secret dock behind the Crest Mountain Range through a secret passage known as the Emperor’s Way. They were then taken North to a small fishing village on their way to Dagamoore. About halfway through the trip they were attacked by a Sea Drake which Rory MacFinnigan executed with a harsh blow to the head. The crosses the plains and swamp to get to the Dagamoore Mountain Chain. Using the knowledge that Rory had gained from his dream they gained access to the Great Hall of Dagamoore. They soon explored and found two paths one was the Hammer Path which lead to the Temple of Pharasma, and the other was the Axe Path they never finished exploring because they lost the newest member of their party a ranger named Kat. Adin now has to face the party for possibly killing her, they then went to Dagamoore to see Thane Torack Glanrid and the Dwarven Elite Guard. They began to learn about the lost Dwarven Society and where Kat was being held by the Dark Ones at Greykeep Prison. And the party gained a new member Shaali Nialo.



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