Welcome to Kingdoms in Death!

This game is a homebrew Pathfinder RPG game. The idea started off as a joke posting on Facebook to my gaming group page.

“I think we need to re-think the rules, lets play a game where evil spells are good and good spells are evil. Necromancers rule all as benevolent super-beings who transcend death. Healers are blighter scum who represent the follies of man trying to prolong or even prevent their deaths.”

This lead to a surprising number of people asking me when the game was going to be ready so I began to craft Kingdoms in Death. My once joke is now the premise of the world, Necromancers are widely respected instead of being persecuted like in most campaign settings. True Necromancers are the only form of Positive healers that are not considered “bad guys” as they control life and death. This True Necromancers become kings and queens, where as tradition “single class” Necromancers are referred to as Pale Masters(a throw-back to 3.5 prestige class). Since this game kind of ended with a TPK, we are starting fresh with a new out look on life and playing a game where everyone is part of a large family and lives in the city of Reggio Calistriano.

Tactical information: The site has a forum and since I will be running the game from Texas, and all my players live in Boston I expect it will be used for RP and what not. I have it linked to my email and I will get notifications when you post. I promise to check it out once a day to provide feed back, NPC’s, ect. If you need extensive posts with an NPC let me know and we will create a “side rp” forum where I can make sure to sit down and post for them. If you need a “side rp” with another player, feel free to make one. We are all good players and I dont think I should have to say it, but no meta-gaming “side rp” information. If you want to make a “side rp” please label the forum “Subject-SRP Character1/Charcter2/ect” the reason I say that is because you may want to “side rp” in the future and this will keep the rps organized and easy to find.

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Kingdoms in Death